For over 40 years, Falcon has promised quality and delivered excellence in metal fabrication.


With a long list of equipment and expertise our Metal fabrication team is capable of producing a wide range of products.

Our Sales team is accustomed to dealing with a varied array of customers in different sectors of industry. Below is a sample list of some of the sectors and products we have supplied:

  • Heavy construction equipment: Components for pavers, tractor buckets, hoppers, conveyors, repairs to existing equipment.
  • Manufacturing: Components for farm implements, elevator shaft steel, book binding equipment, Falcon wood furnaces.
  • Mining: Mine shaft steel, mine shaft ventilation ducts, hoppers, brattice panels.
  • Electrical Utilities: Power transmission towers, switchyard steel structures, hydro electric dam components (trash racks, stop log structures etc.)
  • Transportation: Roadway and railway bridge components, sign structures, ditch inlet grates, floodgates.
  • Construction; Pre-cast Concrete: Moulds for concrete pipes, girders, staircases, tanks. Embedded steel inserts for concrete reinforcement and beam connections.
  • Construction; Steel: Structural steel components, platforms, catwalks, handrails, angle clips and bracing, anchor bolts.


For projects or products which have not been completely designed or detailed, we have a drafting department capable of producing drawings in Autocad 2 and 3D format. Out sourced certified engineering services can also be supplied where required.


Falcon's unique combination of experience, craftsmanship and technology creates a distinct advantage for it's customers- the ability to access the widest range of steel fabrication and finishing services from one source. Our on site galvanizing plant makes our facility particularly well suited to producing galvanized steel products. Other distinct advantages which set us apart include:

  • Broad spectrum of metal working equipment including fully equipped machine shop, sheet metal shop, Ironworking and welding shop.
  • Large capacity band saws serviced by
    45 ft. x 250 ft. outdoor crane runway, (10 ton capacity)
  • Large weld/assembly area. (70 ft. wide clear span x 165 ft. serviced by two 10 ton bridge cranes)
  • Large capacity loading /unloading facilities.
    (2 yards, 4 bridge cranes, 2 forklifts)
  • CNC angle punch line (Automated punching, chopping, marking of angle iron)
  • CNC plasma cutting, high def., large work envelope (10 ft. x 34ft. table)
  • CNC Drilling/milling, large capacity (24" x 100" table)
  • Heavy plate forming (400 ton brake press)
  • I.S.O. 9001 certification


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